Return To La Casa Materna

As many of you know, I spent the month of June 2015 (see posts from that date) in San Juan of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, working on a birthing center project that was initiated by my friend Dr. Erica in partnership with her church, Christ Wesleyan, in Milton, PA. A year later we are now close to being able to open it. I am here for two months working again with Lesbia attending home births with her and working with her and her sister, Merlyn, who will be the administrative director of the Casa.

Right now we have two birthing assistants, Johana (Lesbia’s daughter), and Wendy, who have been helping us immensely with the preparation and Cristina, a nurse from the Centro de Salud (local health center) who has helping us with some preparation as well.

Kennet has been here this first week and has been helping us with a lot. Among many things, he repaired half of our cribs which were broken, helped us purchase a computer, and repaired and rebuilt a storage closet (which we were told was unfixable and should be thrown out).
It’s been so fun after being apart for 6 months to be able to work together and have fun exploring different places around the lake. The Atitlán region has so many beautiful places!

img_8503 img_8538 img_8501 img_8496


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