Director’s Update by Dr. Erica McElroy

At Casa Materna Atitlán, every day is a celebration of motherhood and life! When a pregnant woman walks in our doors she is met with favor and viewed as valuable. Her familyIMG_6447, culture, and traditions are honored. Sadly this is not the case for many women. Moms across the globe have nowhere safe to go, and are dying from PREVENTABLE pregnancy and childbirth related causes at a rate of 830 women per day. The indigenous villages of Guatemala have some of the highest maternal death rates in the western world. Casa Materna has addressed this sad reality by training rural indigenous staff to identify high-risk pregnancies. Since February 2017, we have delivered 145 low-risk moms, referred 58 high-risk pregnancies, and have personally transported these high-risk women to the hospital one and a half hours away. Just last month we began training 3 new indigenous staff and have begun regular ultrasound training for our team in order to meet the volume demands. By God’s grace we hope to expand our reach to even more women in the year ahead.


This Mother’s Day, consider honoring motherhood with a gift of life to the Casa Materna.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:”
Proverbs 31:28


All glory be to God.
In gratitude,


Patient Update by Anna Haas Silva, RN-BSN

At the Casa Materna, we not only strive to offer excellent prenatal and birth care, but we also walk alongside our patients in the postpartum period when they need extra help. We make every effort to assure that families with special needs have the proper resources to care for their babies.


In late 2017 we had a baby born with an encephalocele; a sac-like protrusion of the brain through a defect in the skull.

Thanks to partner organizations in Guatemala, the USA, and Israel we have been able to secure a surgical team to operate on this sweet boy later this year. We are grateful to our donors and other individuals and NGOs who have collaborated with us to provide the best care possible for this baby and his family.

Thank you for being part of his story!


Facilities Update by Kennet Silva, BA-Marketing & Business

We are so happy to be part of the great things happening at the Casa Materna. Thanks to your giving we have been able to make many practical improvements to our space.

We now have Wi- Fi which allows us to communicate easily with our U.S.-based volunteer staff, permits us to update our educational videos, and keeps our supporters informed via social media.
We also have security cameras which give our staff and patients peace of mind at night, and allow our director to observe patient flow on a regular basis.
Ninety-eight percent of our building is illuminated with LED lights, which helps us to reduce electricity bills and contribute to our environment. We have also purchased a generator and extra water tank for the frequent electricity outages, and our ambulance is now equipped with an oxygen tank, new tires and lights. We have most recently built a fence around the garden, and a screen door at the main entrance to keep out flies and other insects.

IMG_7153 The biggest project of the year was the roof repair. New cracks in the roof led to leaks and mold during the rainy season. With a little ingenuity I was able to construct reservoirs on the rooftop to remedy the problem, and with a lot of elbow grease and time, the mold has been eliminated. None of this would be possible without you.
Thank you for your continued support, you allow the Casa to function day to day!


Financial Update by Allison Kent Cotner

Thank you to everyone who generously supported our True Love Fundraiser in February. Your individual donations and a matching grant from the Bella Grazia fund will cover nearly 80% of the salaries for our current indigenous staff this
year! We are so grateful!!


This Mother’s Day, please consider a gift of $30 per month in honor of your mom. If 100 people give $30 per month, this will cover the salaries of all our indigenous staff for an entire year, so they may continue to care for the moms and babies of this region.


Thank you for your continued support and prayers!




The generosity and love of our community is at the heart of Casa Materna. We hope you can partner with us to cover the salary of our caring Guatemalan staff.

We just need 100 sponsors to give $30 a month to cover this cost.

Thank you for supporting Casa Materna to be a health-care provider in Guatemala.



Thank you for visiting.  Here you can learn more about our mission, our staff, what we do at the Casa, the people we serve, and how you can support this work!  We hope you enjoy visiting our website, and look forward to your comments and requests to learn more.

Our Vision

To decrease maternal and fetal mortality by establishing a community owned birthing center called a Casa Materna. A Casa is staffed at all times by skilled birth attendants who speak the local Mayan language and who welcome the participation of the culturally preferred comadronas. The birth attendants are trained to identify high risk pregnancies and the Casa will provide transportation for high risk and emergency cases to the hospital.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…

Isaiah 52:7


Casa Materna Tour (Spanish)

Aug 27, 2016

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Casa Materna Tour (English)

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